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Contents of the Craftiry box - lager kit

The set for the production of bottom-fermented lager beer 12° contains:

Packaging: 1000 g
Pilsner malt (allergens: gluten)
Origin: Czech Republic

Variety: Žatec semi-early red wine
Packaging: 100 g
Origin: Czech Republic

Bottom fermentation yeast
Type: Saflager W34/70
Packaging: 11.5 g
Manufacturer: Fermentis, Belgium
Degree of fermentation: 9-22°C
Recommended fermentation temperature: 12-18°C

Dextrose crystalline
composition: Crystalline recrystallized dextrose
Packaging: 50 g
Country of origin: EU
Dextrose content in dry matter: 99.9%
Storage: dry and in closed packaging
Seller: PRONECO s.r.o., no. 78, 692 01 Klentnice
Detailed instructions for making homemade beer

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Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to add a message to the Craftiry box?

A gift card is included in the box so that you can add any message you want.

How will the gift be wrapped?

The Craftiry box will arrive in a cardboard box with a cover.

Is there an invoice inside the box?

No. You will receive an invoice in electronic form via email.

Can you deliver abroad?

Yes. We can send Craftiry boxes to Slovakia, Germany, Poland and Austria.

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