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Our story

The start of 2020 shook up most of our lives. If you can't go anywhere,
what do you do? We chose not to idle our time away. On the contrary, we got
inventive and started to entertain ourselves. The results of that process will
hopefully now entertain you.


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We know that people are creative by nature. It's even been scientifically
proven that the things we are involved in making ourselves hold much more
value for us and are perceived as more beautiful. That's why we thought we
could create a whole new concept of gifts that the recipient can finish by
themselves. With our gifts, you will delight culinary enthusiasts, connoisseurs
of fine drinks, and lovers of DIY. What's more, you'll be giving a double dose
of excitement. The first, upon unwrapping the gift, the second, upon
completion, not to mention the fun during the process!

We ship to 5 countries

We are expanding, but for now we deliver Craftiry boxes to the Czech Republic,
Slovakia, Poland, Germany and Austria.

17 years on the market

You can count on us. Our company has been operating on the market for over 17 years and we still want to go further.

Craftiry boxes - Our new project

Covid helped us to start this project and we have high expectations from it.

From the idea to the realization, there was still a long way to go – a way full of testing, tweaking the patterns and searching for the widest possible range of gifts that will please different personalities. You can see the result for yourself. And we promise you we're not yet done with gift ideas whatsoever.

Each gift is unique

The joy of a job well done

Not the perfect fit? We have 30 day return policy

We've been bringing you joy for 17 years now

Discount on every purchase

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